Empowerment Training

  • How are you oppressing yourself?
  • Are you unkind to yourself inside your own mind?
  • Are you ready to create a kinder, more compassionate inner voice?

Step out of the patterns of patriarchy stuck inside you. Embrace feminism for the cause that is YOU. Learn about radical self acceptance and a pathway to loving the sister in your own skin.

What does Empowerment look like?

  • Tell your story and be deeply & compassionately heard.
  • Get help finding the heart of your issues.
  • Gain outside perspective of your self image.
  • Understand how culture has shaped your thinking.
  • Reclaim your ability to choose and direct your emotions.
  • Learn how to protect your empathetic heart. 
  • Find and listen to your intuition.
  • Stand up for yourself and break old patterns.
  • Teach people how to treat you.
  • Realize when and how you have given your power away.
  • Own your power again. 
  • Set goals and craft realistic plans to accomplish them.
  • Become the next best version of yourself.