About me.

Hello, my name is Tizzy Hyatt.  I have had a life long passion for helping others.  It has been a gift for me to help hundreds of people through their life changes, guiding them back to their personal power, and assisting them to the next best version of themselves.  I look forward to helping you on your journey too.  Thank you for the opportunity!

I have offered professional coaching since 2008.

I have dedicated my life to women’s empowerment. I believe we can become who we truly are through healing, encouragement, and reclaiming our sovereignty.

I have a Masters Degree in Women’s Spirituality.

I studied Feminism and Counseling, Support and Therapy from a feminist perspective. I became an Ordained Priestess in 2003. I am a life long intuitive empath. I went on a journey to learn as much as I could about intuition and empathy so that I could learn to control my own. In addition, I have pursued multiple continuing education opportunities and attended many conferences to further my education.

I specifically pursued a degree from a feminist organization as I understand the sexist and abusive roots of the modern psychology movement. I do not diagnose anyone with an illness nor prescribe any medication. I offer support, encouragement and compassion as a sister surviving the patriarchy. My goals are to listen deeply, help you find the root cause of your current distress and co-create a practical plan to help you feel better.

I try to save the world one soul at a time.