Regain Your Power

“No matter where you are now, I can meet you there and help you gain the perspective you need to change things for the positive.”

My goal is to help you create the next best version of yourself.  I help you find the heart of your issues and create a step by step plan to improve how you feel.

A big part of what I do is help you understand how your family, our culture and your relationships have contributed to how you feel now.  If you have felt overwhelmed, confused or have lost your inner guiding voice, I can help you find it again.

If you have been stuck in the role of a victim, I can help you break that pattern and own your power again.  We won’t take countless sessions to work on solutions, we will start on day one with goals and tools to help you.

I offer phone, video and text sessions.  Please see my schedule page for information on starting your journey today.

“Step towards a reality where you can feel better, think better and take concrete steps to improve your life.”